Characteristics and properties of non-woven fabric

Non-Woven Fabric

What is non-woven fabric

Non-Woven Fabric is a textile material formed from fibres that are joined by mechanical, thermal or chemical processes,
but without the need for these fibres to become threads, avoiding the weaving process, which makes the fibres that compose it to be arranged randomly.

Characteristics of non-woven fabric

Of the multiple properties of non-woven fabric, below we highlight the most important ones for the products and sectors of activity we work with:


It is a material with great resistance and one which also has unique characteristics: it is resistant to water, it resists extreme temperatures, both high and low, and is pleasant to the touch.


Non-woven products retain these specific properties that allow them to offer greater performance in a large number of practical applications (great absorption or repellency of liquids, softness, resistance, cleaning, filtering, protection against bacteria, etc …)


Due to their nature, products made from non-woven fabric have a very long useful life and can also be designed for single-use, and combined with other materials can be used for a large number of applications.


Its high capacity to incorporate different properties and the possibility of adapting it with other materials make it a very attractive alternative for tackling specific jobs or new market needs with an excellent relationship between investment and results.

It can be adapted to any product

The versatility of the material allows us to manufacture non-woven products based on the needs of each client.

We can create anything ranging from decorations for events to sanitary material, including headrest covers, cloths, bags, etc.

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