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Disposable or reusable non-woven cloths and rags, ideal for cleaning and drying. High-quality and resistant products, with a great absorption capacity.

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Manufacturers of disposable or reusable cloths and rags

Custom manufactured disposable or reusable high-quality and resistant cloths and rags with a great absorption capacity.

Our products are soft to the touch, ideal for cleaning and drying (glass, sheet metal, interior, …).

Sectors such as Horeca, Health or Automotive already use our disposable or reusable cloths and rags, obtaining a great benefit in costs and supply.

Our commitment in the manufacture of cloths and rags has led us to seek solutions and materials that are increasingly sustainable and respectful with the environment.

We listen to the needs of each client in terms of delivery times, quality, quantity, use and cost for the development of the product.

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