Committed to the environment

Quality and Sustainability

Calidad certificada

Certified Quality

Our company uses non-woven fabric of European origin in order to ensure a supply of raw materials that meets the most demanding safety and sustainability standards such as:

  • ISO 14001: promotes environmental protection and pollution prevention through responsible and sustainable waste management
  • PEFC Management: guarantees that the paper with which all our Kraft paper products are made comes from sustainably managed forests.
Ilustración Sostenibilidad

Sustainable Solutions

Our commitment has led us to seek increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

In addition, all our products are manufactured with 100% recyclable materials, free of any toxic or harmful substance for health or the environment and more than 90% of them are manufactured in mono-material to facilitate their handling and recycling.

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Quality and Sustainability at Laystil

Quality and Sustainability at Laystil

We take the quality of the products we manufacture very seriously. In fact, our company uses only Non-Woven fabric of European origin for all the products we make. In this way, we can ensure our users the highest quality both in the material we use and in the...