Taking care of your vehicle is not only a matter of aesthetics; it is also essential for its maintenance and durability. Today we present a special pack that will take your cleaning routine to a new level: the Laystil Exterior Vehicle Cleaning Pack, which includes 4 Kita Kita mitts and 4 Laysec 123 cloths. This combo has been designed to offer you a complete and effective solution for all your automotive cleaning needs.

Laysec 123 Automotive Wipes

The Laysec 123 cloth is a must-have product for any car enthusiast. This super absorbent cloth stands out for its ability to dry and clean any surface of your vehicle without leaving residue or lint. Here’s why you should include it in your cleaning kit:

High Absorbency Capacity: With an impressive absorption capacity, the Laysec123 cloth is perfect for removing large amounts of water, leaving your car completely dry in less time.
Strength and Durability: Made from high quality materials, this cloth is extremely durable and resilient, ensuring long-lasting use.
Lint Free: Unlike other cloths that can leave annoying traces, the Laysec123 ensures impeccable cleaning with no residue.
Versatility: Ideal for both the interior and exterior of the car, this cloth is perfect for cleaning glass, bodywork, and delicate surfaces.

Bayeta Laypunt para automocion

Kita Kita Automotive Mitten

Complementing the cloth, the Kita Kita mitt is the perfect solution for those hard-to-reach places and for removing stubborn dirt. Here are its outstanding features:

Reusable and Eco-Friendly: This mitt is reusable, making it a more environmentally friendly and economical option in the long run.
Won’t Scratch Surfaces: Designed to be gentle yet effective, the Kita Kita Mop ensures that it won’t scratch your car’s surfaces, even the most delicate ones.
Ideal for Insects and Stubborn Dirt: Its special texture is perfect for removing stuck insects, mud and other stubborn dirt from car bodies and headlights.
Waterproof and Easy to Use: The mitt is waterproof, making it easy to use in conjunction with water and cleaning products. Simply wet the area to be cleaned and wipe with the mitt for optimal results.

manopla desechable kita kita

The Perfect Pack for your vehicle

The combination of 4 Laysec 123 wipes and 4 Kita Kita mittens in a single pack is the ultimate solution to keep your car in top condition. This pack not only offers you high quality products, but also provides you with a series of practical benefits:

Time Saving: With these products, you will be able to perform a complete cleaning of your vehicle faster and more efficiently.
Greater Care and Detail: The combination of the cloth and the mitten allows for detailed care on both the exterior and interior of the car.
Economy and Sustainability: Being reusable and durable products, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them, which translates into money savings and less environmental impact.
Convenience and Accessibility: By purchasing this pack, you will have everything you need at your fingertips for any cleaning needs that may arise.

How to Use the Laystil Car Care Pack

To get the best results with your new pack, follow these simple steps:

Preparation: Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary products on hand, including your Kita Kita mitts and Laysec 123 wipes.
Initial Cleaning: Use one of the Kita Kita Mittens to clean coarse dirt and insects stuck on the bodywork and headlights. Remember to wet the area well before wiping.
Drying: After rinsing the car, use the Laysec 123 wipes to dry all surfaces. Thanks to their high absorption capacity, your car will be dry and spotless in a short time.
Maintenance: Wash and dry the mitts and cloths after each use to keep them in optimal conditions.
For more information and to purchase your pack, visit Laystil, your car will thank you!

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