New initiative to prevent consumers in nightclubs: drink lids to cover drinks

Some nightclubs and nightlife venues will offer drink covers to their customers this summer to prevent them from getting any substances in their drinks

With the start of the summer season and the end of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, tourism and clientele in nightclubs, pubs and bars are on the rise. After a bad period for the nightlife sector, this year the forecasts are much more positive, so everything points to the discotheques being livelier than ever this summer.

This is great news for the nightlife sector, which has been waiting two years for this moment, but it is also the opportunity to start this new stage with improvements and changes that aim to make the experience in nightlife establishments safer and safer.

This is the case of the more than 25 nightclubs in Catalonia (including Opium, Pachá, Shoko, Carpe Diem…) that have joined the initiative of the Catalan Federation of Associations of Restoration and Musical Activities (Fecasarm) to increase safety in nightclubs. This initiative consists of offering glass covers to customers of the premises to prevent anyone from introducing any substance into the drink.

This measure is the sector’s response to the numerous aggressions and incidents that occur during nightlife. According to official data, 31% of the sexual assaults attended by the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona in 2021 were due to previous chemical submission. Faced with such worrying data, many nightclubs in the autonomous community of Catalonia have decided to incorporate covers on drinks and activate the Ask for Ángela protocol: when the customer feels in danger, he/she can approach one of the employees and ask for Ángela, this will be the “secret code” to warn and the venue’s employees will activate the necessary actions to help the victim. 

Cup covers, the ally against chemical submission

Cup covers are part of the solution to a serious problem that affects thousands of people (mainly women) in Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the world. It is a simple product that has now become the perfect ally to avoid chemical submission.

The cup covers we manufacture are designed to guarantee hygiene for all your customers and to prevent the introduction of any substance into the cup.

These cellulose lids have been designed for the glasses and snifters in bars and nightclubs. They completely cover the top and thanks to their skirt they are attached to the glass. They have a straw hole on one side to make drinking easier and more comfortable.

The main advantage of our glass covers, apart from guaranteeing the safety of your customers, is that they are fully customisable. This way you can also increase the visibility and recognition of your brand, by providing glass covers with the image of your discotheque, bar or pub.

We can print the front as well as the skirt, for greater visibility and impact. We print up to 2 inks. They are also a sustainable solution as they are 100% recyclable.

Do you want your customers to feel safe and comfortable in your establishment? Incorporate quality lids on your cups and make a difference. Don’t let the bad actions of others damage the image and reputation of your establishment. Protect your customers, protect your brand. Contact us, we are a manufacturer of covers to cover glasses.

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