For some months now, people have been talking about graphene, since it has recently been discovered that despite its bactericidal capacity, it contains particles that, when inhaled for long periods of time, can cause lung inflammation. For this reason, the AEMPS (Spanish Association of Medicines and Health Products), has already acted by requesting that exporting companies in Shandong Shenquan, China cease the sale of masks with graphene.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a material composed of carbon atoms which is widely used in different industries due to its high strength, elasticity and low weight. It is also considered as the best conductor of heat and electricity, in addition to the already mentioned bactericidal capacity that allows it to act as a viral protector.

Does your face mask contain graphene?

To find out if the face mask you have or want to buy contains graphene, you have to look at the back of the package and read the components that it is made with. If “Graphene” appears among these, as a protective measure we recommend not using it.

The masks that we sell at Laystil are graphene-free, thus guaranteeing the health of all our clients and users.

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